I am a young Australian Muslimah, aspiring writer, voracious reader, and of course, wife to a beautiful Saudi man.

I currently reside in Australia but will (inshaAllah) join my husband in Saudi Arabia once we receive the long-awaited marriage permission required by the Saudi government.


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  1. Sari Yusuf says:

    nice blog and love it!

  2. Sarah says:

    I was just wondering you call him your husband but you don’t have marrige permission. Are you legally married in Australia?

    • D says:

      We are not legally married in either of our countries because if you marry without permission there is a hefty fine and they even threaten jail time. However, we are married under Islamic law which for us was by far the most important thing anyway because in Islam the only relationship you have with an unrelated male is in marriage, there is no dating or being alone together without it.

      I apologise if you are Muslim and I’m telling you something you already know but incase you weren’t I thought i’d clarify my point 🙂

      • Good points says:

        I was legally married to a saudi without permission and we both live and work abroad. We are now legalising our marriage for saudi- i.e. marriage permission and the proceedure is very specific.

        Mind you: there are not hefty fines or jailes- that is some stuff that appeared on newspapers a couple of times, but it is only if you are married to him without permission and then came with say a work visa and overstayed it. Then you cannot claim you are legally his wife to justify overstaying and you are deported or fined/jailed as part of an incomplete immigration proceeudure.

        Regarding the permission- after already being married

        1. You need to have completed either 7 years of marriage without children or 5 years of marriage with children.

        2 After you satisfy point 1, then the proceedure takes 3-6 months max.

        Alternatively you simply need to apply for the permission before you marry, which makes it simpler and takes about 6 months to obtain.

      • D says:

        Hi there,

        Thanks for your comment. The information you have given is quite different to what I have heard from the experiences of others in this position as well as my own experiences so far. I know very few people who managed to get the permission within 6 months, except if they have a strong wasta and are considered beyond child bearing age or like you said have already been married a long time and pretty much finished with having a family. It’s more common to wait between 8 months/1 year onwards. This is the reason most people get married before getting the permission. Having said that, when it comes to the Saudi government, rules seem to change depending on the employee you speak to (and even that can change if you give them a good enough reason to…) and on the circumstances of the couple (e.g. nationality, age etc). It is possible to get the permission before satisfying the point 1 you mentioned however it does generally involve using wasta, especially if the applicants are ‘underage’ (i.e. the man is under 35) which, understandably, is often the case.

        Re the fines, unfortunately it has been reported that the Saudi goverment are threatening to give fines to those who legally marry without approval (see http://taraummomar.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/sr100000-fine-for-violators-of-new.html) and my husband tells me they have threatened jail time in the past also. However, like I said everyone’s case seems to be treated differently and enforcement of rules aren’t always consistent.

        I hope inshaAllah that your own experiences are more positive than my own and you get the permission quickly and easily.

  3. Sarah says:

    LOL that fine I am not Muslim but my partner is a Saudi.

  4. Lou says:

    Every experience is different. My fiancé and I just paid hundreds of thousands of Ryials in fines for apply for marriage permission under 38. And can’t no apply. Even with a wasta these things happen.

    • D says:

      You’re right, I have heard stories of horrorifically long processes and miraculously quick ones. Though unfortunately the majority seem to learn towards the former these days 😦

      • Lou says:

        That’s right everyone is so different all you can do is have hope and faith

  5. Good points says:

    Thanks for your message. Even though my permission will take about 6 months- I am already married for 5 years+, I can still travel to Saudi on a simple visit visa that my husband can issue. Thus I have been there many times – visit visas are for 3 months at a time.

    The marriage permission will only guarantee a residence permitt on my husband, which is why we are applying. It is basically nothing more than the immigration proceedure. My Saudi husband also had to go through immigration proceedure in my home country after the marrriage and it took about 4 months to finalise his residence permit.

    Now, regarding the saudi marriage permission: There is defintely not a fine, as we personally enquired with my husband at the emarah ( the municipality) regarding this matter.
    Even though these news have spread on the internet, in various newspaper too- the emarah said that from the moment they have not put it on their site, it is not officially valid.

    On application for the marriage permission you are given a file number that you can even follow up online.

    Mind you- in my case as I already can visit myself, I have the option also to enquire at the female sections of the emarah and ministry of interior.

    Yes, things need people to follow up and wasta could help, but it is not that necessary as it seems.

    Wishing you good luck too! 🙂

    • D says:

      SubhanAllah, how on earth did you manage to get a visit visa from your husband approved? This is something I have never heard before. I know women who have tried countless times only to be rejected over and over again, even when they ask their sister in law and other family members to give the invite. This is the reason most of us are desperate to get the permission, because they won’t even give us visit visas to see the country we want to make our life in before going there permanently. The general rule with them is that if you don’t have the permission, you are not considered married by the KSA government. This is also why they wont allow us to go on hajj/umra with our husbands as our mahram, because they dont accept them as our ‘real’ husbands and therefore a ‘real’ mahram.

  6. Good points says:

    Just a note- in our case we did not chose to go through wasta or pay anything. We just went by the book if you like- specifically for cases that married and had children without previous permission.

    We did have some hesitations from the stuff we read on the internet, but it really turned out to be a very straightforward proceedure.

  7. Good points says:

    Dear D, I am not the only one that can manage to get a visit visa approved.

    It is a (2) week proceedure, that is done online.

    The reason I was accepted was that I am married to a local- my husband. Even without permission, I am still legally married with children. If they did not recognise the marriage, that would mean the children would be born outside marriage, which of course does not make sense.

    They do recognise the marriage, nevertheless they still need the ‘ marriage permission’ , the immigration completed ( in other words). Otherwise I cannot live with my husband in Saudi on a permanent basis.

    Other family members would take longer to bring to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless it is not impossible. I know a lady ( she was married and her marriage permission was complete) that once wanted to bring a cousin and they found a company to make a business visit visa for that purpose.

    P.S. Note that the marriage permission is nothing more than an immigration proceedure completed before the marriage takes place.
    In my homeland my husband still had to go through an immigration proceedure, but we completed it after our marriage took place.
    Thus we could still live together and raise our children, even if the Saudi proceedure was pending.

  8. Good points says:

    I generally- after my experience would recommend that one take the permission before hand, but if their husbands are willing to relocate from Saudi to the wifes homeland, it is still ok.
    Ultimately one needs a land to base their family 🙂

  9. Dana Islam says:

    Nice blog ! I love it

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