Wheat and Dairy Free Ma’soub Recipe (معصوب)


Saudi cuisine is all about the meat, rice, bread and dairy. I, on the other hand, am a wheat-free, low -carb vegan and general health nut. But as anyone with dietary restrictions will tell you, often all that’s required to enjoy a ‘forbidden’ food is a bit of creativity.

Ma’soub (معصوب) is a simple yet delicious meal which can be easily adapted for the health conscious. Although originally from Yemen, it is a popular breakfast food in the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia. While this version is slightly different in taste, it is still very close to the original but be warned – like the original it is also very filling so keep your portions small!

Serves 5


1 large banana (preferably overripe)

1 large date

2 TB coconut cream (or coconut milk)

1 batch of thin, crispy socca

Unsalted nuts (optional)


1. Mash or blend banana, date and coconut cream

2. Tear socca into small pieces

3. Combine the banana, date and coconut mixture with the socca

4. Top with crushed nuts and a dollop of coconut cream (optional)

5. Sahtain!


Interested in more Saudi recipes? Authentic recipes can be difficult to find on the internet but Ya Salam Cooking, run by an American wife of a Saudi, is by far the best resource I have come across. Meanwhile, Yemeni recipes, including for traditional Ma’soub, can be found at Queen of Sheba Yemeni Food which also happens to be run by the foreign wife of a Yemeni! 


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2 thoughts on “Wheat and Dairy Free Ma’soub Recipe (معصوب)

  1. jundub1404 says:

    Salam, feels like its been ages since your last post, nice to see the new format and that your back posting. Looking forward to more recipes and to hear any updates on the saudi situation inshallah

    • D says:

      Walaykum salam, thanks for hanging around! Now that I’ve dropped some responsibilities I’m hoping to give more attention to the blog from now on inshaAllah 🙂

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